Exhibitions Solo

2020 - Arenig Fawr, Lacock Abbey Fox Talbot Museum, UK 2018 - Saddleworth: Responding To A Landscape, Elliott Halls Gallery Amsterdam                                                                                   2017 - Saddleworth, Responding To A Landscape, MAC, Birmingham
2014 - 'Three Series' FotoFactory, Amsterdam
2012 - ‘Murray’s World’, Amsterdam Photography Festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2011 - ‘Murray’s World’ Gallery Vassie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2006 - Factor 15, The New Art Gallery, Walsall, UK
2004 - Red Pants, Hug Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland
2004 - Poppleganger, Symphony Hall, Birmingham, UK
1996 - Heartlands People, Birmingham Central Library, UK

Exhibitions Group 

2018 - 'Hit the North', Manchester Central Library                                                                                                                             2014 - Unseen Amsterdam, 'Stripper' series
2013 – Unseen Amsterdam, Christopher Bucklow, Michelle Sank and Matthew Murray
2012 – Unseen Amsterdam, Norman Parkinson, Brian Duffy, Michelle Sank and Matthew Murray
2012 - The International Street Photography Awards Exhibition, Oxford Street, London
2008 - Knight of the Camera, Centenary Square, Birmingham, UK
2007 - Lianzhou Photo Festival, Shanghai, China
2006 - Les Rencontres d’Arles Photographie, Arles, France
2005 - Made in Britain, Huis Marseille, Foundation for Photography, Amsterdam, Holland
Other Artist include, Antoni & Alison, Craig Ames, Christopher Bucklow, Susan Derges, Elaine Constantine, Chino Otsuka, Michelle Sank, 
Nigel Shafran, Clare Strand, David Trainer and Naglaa Walker.
2002 - Knock Down Ginger, Seventy Years of Street kids, The Photographers’ Gallery, London, UK
Other Artist include, Bert Hardy, Thurston Hopkins, Humphrey Spender, John ‘Hoppy’ Hopkins, Shirley Baker and David Trainer.2002 - Something Old, Something New, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham, UK
2001 - Paris Photo, Le Carrousel Du Louvre, Paris, France
2001 - The Awards, The Association of Photographers Gallery, London, UK
2000 - ‘Tickled pink’, The Photographers’ Gallery, London, UK
1998 - Levis Gallery, London, UK
1998 - New Designers, Business Design Centre, London, UK
1995 & 1997 - The John Kobal Portrait Award,
The National Portrait Gallery, London, UK
The Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, UK
The Royal Photographic Society, Bath, UK


2017 - Saddleworth, Responding To A Landscape, Forward by Martin Barnes Senior Curator Photographs at The Victoria & Albert Museum, London essays by Artist Richard Billingham and Maartje van den Heuvel, Curator Photography and Media Culture, University of Leiden, The Netherlands: ISBN - 978-90-826894-0-2
2015 - Pleasure in Leisure, Cafe Royal Books
2014 - Unseen Amsterdam Exhibition Catalogue ISBN: 978-90-822642-0-3
2013 - Ska, Schilt Publishing ISBN-10: 9053308121
2013 - Saddleworth Moor, Unseen Amsterdam Exhibition Catalogue ISBN: 978-90-9027808-7
2002 - Beyond Disruption: Trevor Beattie and Rob Alexander Changing the Rules in the Marketplace ISBN: 10: 0471218995 / 13: 9780471218999
2001 - Paris Photo 2001 Catalogue, Le Carrousel Du Loure ISBN: 2912760062


2018 - Saddleworth, Responding To A Landscape, Winner Professional Book, Monograph, The International Photography Awards 2016 - The International Photography Awards, Family of Man, 2016 Honourable Mention categories of old age, childhood and marriage
2016 - Arts Council of England
2015 - Association Of Photographers, Open Awards Stills and Series Category Finalist
2014 - Association Of Photographers, Open Awards Category Winner
2014 - The International Photography Awards, 2014 Honourable Mention in 3 separate categories Deeper Perspective 'Saddleworth Moor' , Published Book/People 'Ska', People Portrait 'Stripper' 
2012 – Finalist, The International Street Photography Awards  
2009 - Photography Masters Cup International Award Honouring Colour Photography
2006 - Arts Council of Great
2001 - Silver Award, The Association of Photographers Awards
2001 - Merit Award, The London Photographic Awards
1998 - Shortlisted, The Observer John Hodge Award